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Course Details

Our Digital Marketing Course seamlessly blends theoretical understanding with hands-on practical application. Embrace the most effective teaching methods and educational approach! Find course specifics below:

Module 1: Introduction of Digital Marketing

  1. How Search Engine Works?
  2. Different Algorithms
  3. Competitor analytics

Module 2: Brand Building

  1. What is branding?
  2. Brand Building

Module 3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  1. Keyword & Competitor Analysis
  2. On Page SEO & Technical
  3. Off Page SEO & Link Building
  4. Technical SEO

Module 4: Basic of WordPress Designing

  1. Find and Install a WordPress Theme.
  2. Install Plugins.
  3. Configure WordPress Settings.
  4. Create Pages.
  5. Set Up Your Menu.

Module 5: Google Advertising

  1. Introduction
  2. How to built organic followers?
  3. Influencer & Meme Marketing

Module 6: Facebook & Instagram Ads

  1. Facebook Marketing
  2. Audience Targeting
  3. Placement & Biding
  4. AD Creation

Module 7: Freelance Training

  1. Platforms/Ways to built Clients
  2. How to pitch the clients?

Module 8: AI Tools

  1.  Introduction to AI tools
  2. How to write Prompts?

Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a digital marketing professional doesn’t require stringent educational prerequisites. People from various educational backgrounds can enter the digital marketing field. What’s essential are practical skills and knowledge. Often, professionals begin by enrolling in digital marketing courses, obtaining certifications, and constructing a robust portfolio. Networking and staying abreast of industry trends are also vital for achieving success in this domain

Digital marketing program duration will be 1 months in which we will cover each module in detail with practical.

The salary scale can be from 12,000 Rs. to 45,000 Rs. per month. Salary completely depends on your skills, communication and writing skills in English, your qualifications and your past experience relevant to it.

The surging demand for digital marketers is a consequence of the growing dependence on online platforms for businesses to connect with and captivate their desired audience. Digital marketers play a critical role in establishing online presence, enhancing e-commerce, executing data-driven marketing strategies, managing social media, creating compelling content, optimizing SEO, overseeing paid advertising, harnessing email marketing, analyzing data, and adapting to ever-evolving technologies. Moreover, the proliferation of remote work options has further broadened the spectrum of opportunities in this field

Yes, our digital marketing course will take you from basic to advanced.